Instructor LED Activities

Our Instruction Led activities include Music chair games, ball games, puzzle games and many more. It gives an opportunity for all your family members to participate altogether in various fun games, as our expert event organizers will introduce a wide variety of activities to fulfill your holiday desires.

Best Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon
Best Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon

Camel riding

We have longhaired, well-trained and attractive Camel with friendly professionals guides to help you enjoy a safe and adventurous ride on hilly sides and green pastures.

Green pastures

Take a stroll on long-drawn green pastures surrounded by mesmerizing sights, hilly plains, fields, forests and stream.


Get out of your home and explore the natural resplendence of the farm. You can visit the nearest villages or spend a day with local birds nesting in the woods, or choose an exciting adventurous way to explore the property