About us

In the desire for making our lives progressively agreeable and simple, in the endless race for vanquishing the best of innovation, intentionally or unconsciously we as a whole have murdered the tyke inside ourselves. We as a whole miss the old youth days, when we had no stresses, no opposition and no objectives. Out and out basic lives with entire day of fun and exercises. Diversions and sports were simple to the point that one required no expensive types of gear or extraordinary preparing to appreciate them, not at all like today when it is pretty much compulsory for each child to purchase exorbitant supplies and contract coaches to appreciate any amusement or game. We at Green Orchid Farms take that adolescence back to you, might be for multi day yet we guarantee that you will remember your total youth. Oh dear your old companions won't be near however that is not something to be miserable about in light of the fact that you will discover new cherished companions in your children. Trust us – that is its best piece. You will be enamored with your actual self and look profound into your underlying foundations. You will be cheerful and pleased when you will understand the significance and wealth of our customs and culture.

At Green Orchid Farms you may be one of only a handful couple of voyagers in the district, and will motivate an opportunity to collaborate intimately with the nearby networks, hosts, cooks and craftspeople. You'll adore making tracks in an opposite direction from the hordes of the urban communities and loosening up in the midst of nature in a safe and agreeable condition. In the meantime, the income that your visits create will encourage bolster and support the neighborhood networks, their legacy, culture, conventions and works of art. Envision a real and beguiling retreat supplemented by the exceptional experience of being facilitated by the nearby network and the lavishness of culture that anticipates you here, this complimented by the way that what you spend is spent for the advancement of the job of the villagers and destitute. Planned in unadulterated desi style and flawlessly beautified with neighborhood makes, the Green Orchid Farms is the ideal escape to a certified provincial and social legacy encounter and that too only a tune's head out from the thousand year’s city of Gurugram.

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At Green Orchid Farms we give an outing down the memory paths of your youth. A place for urban occupants who look for isolation and harmony a long way from incensing urban areas, who are searching for real rustic encounters to revive their recollections. Relatively few individuals have encountered previously, goals in rustic parts of India with immaculate normal excellence and tranquility, where a gritty lifestyle can even now be experienced. As you set unexpected, our rich provincial experience let you find the dynamic culture of a commonplace Indian town, enjoy heavenly neighborhood sustenance, reveal conventions and methods for rustic life, revive your soul with the people music and moves, talk about nearby legends and stories around a campfire.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to make such a stage for country individuals where they can be utilized dependent on the abilities created out of our customary methods for living and provincial ways of life and filling in as a presentation cum encounter community for our visitors and overall population where they can meet up with their convention, culture and roots.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make self supporting rustic networks where individuals occupied with provincial painstaking work and other comparative exercises may win their jobs without swinging to urban areas in anticipation of better life models.

Our Objectives

To enhance the expectation for everyday comforts of the Poor, under special individuals in country regions by giving them proper open door and work. To advance, engender and advance Indian culture, custom, Food and rustic job. To advance and energize handy work in averting creature savagery and give alleviation to enduring creatures.

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Spreading to an area of 8 acres provides activities like Meditation, Cliff Jump, Nature Walk, Rappelling, Swimming Pool etc. Experience the wonders of nature at its absolute brilliance in Green Orchid Farms.


Green Orchid offers you a comfortable accommodation with a private pool deck for relaxation, having a BBQ, Tables and chairs. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and unwind in the lap of nature!


Playground equipment comprises joy rides and climbers, role play games, sand and water play equipment and play houses. In addition, Green Orchid gives you a super fun way to play, these outdoor play equipment for schools in India are also great for developing a wide range of skills.

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